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About Water Purifier (RO)

Water Purifier (RO) purifies water and makes it fit for consumption. Most of deases are water born so it is very necessary to drink pure and safe water. We provide water purifier service of any brand. Get your RO fixed today with SathiClap

RO Faults and Issues : RO faucet damage, deposition on RO faucet, damages in RO body, RO pre filter body damage, RO making noise, water leakage issue from RO etc. 

Choose The Best RO Service in Patna

Water purifier has become an integral kitchen appliance, especially in urban areas where the water level & quality both are low. Apart from purifying water, it adds essential minerals that give completely pure & healthy water. But just like other machines, Water Purifiers are subjected to technical problems. So, if your RO water purifier has stopped working and needs service or repairing, we’re here to help you with the best. SathiClap provides the best RO service in Patna at affordable rates. Whether you’re searching for RO maintenance or RO repairing services, we are the most reliable and preferred partner for highly-scalable & best RO service in Patna. 


Nowadays, it has become vital to get 100% pure product, whether it’s water or else. However, the water purifier may be working properly, but due to increasing pollution and other factors, the quality of water may degrade. It happens due to reduced filter capacity and other technical issues. You cannot detect such issues without diagnosis and water sample reports, therefore, our expert technicians provide best RO service in Patna. Apart from pure water and smooth functioning, there are various reasons why you need to call RO service regularly. 

  • It Increases Capacity of Filters
  • Prevent Contaminants from Affecting Your Beverages & Foods
  • Balances PH and Other Chemical Levels in Water
  • Increases Overall Machine Life

Here at SathiClap, we collaborate with a professional team of expert RO technicians that have expertise in rendering precise solutions. We offer the best RO service in Patna at any location. Being one of the leading and most reliable RO repairing companies, offer state-of-the-art solutions at the best price possible.


Water Purifier (RO) details


30 min - 1 hour

Turnaorund Time

2 Hrs


Depends on the scope of work

What included in Water Purifier (RO)?

  • Diagnosis

Consumable parts Charge Extra



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