Single Door Repair
  • On Inspection
Double Door -Repair
  • On Inspection
Side By Side- Repair
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SideBySide-Gas Refill
  • ₹ 2350.00
Double Door - Gas Refill
  • ₹ 1200.00
Single Door - Gas Refill
  • ₹ 1200.00

About Refrigerator

Get The Best Refrigerator Repair Service in Patna

Isn’t it tough to imagine your life without a refrigerator? Of course, it’s unimaginable since the refrigerator has become an important part of our life. Other than comfort, it’ll become hard to survive without it during the summer season and food, cooked vegetables, milk and other dairy products can get stale. Therefore, refrigerator maintenance is a vital point that one should always keep in mind. Just like other machines, it can get technical issues easily, hence it's a must to maintain it properly. 


If your refrigerator is not providing enough cooling, creating so much noise, freezing food, or have other issues, you should call for the best refrigerator repair service in Patna. Here at SathiClap, we are providing highly-scalable repairing services for all types of refrigerator, including single door, double door, bottom freezer and side by side refrigerators. With a team of professional technicians, we have expertise in rendering best refrigerator repair service in Patna. Our experts are professionally trained from authorized service centers and know how to repair all famous brands, such as Samsung, LG, Videocon, Whirlpool, Haire and others. Our highly qualified fridge technicians are expert in taking care of:

 1.Water Leakage

 2.Cooling Issue

 3.Food Compartment is Heating

 4.Fridge is Not Defrosting

 5.Gas Leakage

 6.Faulty Start Capacitor

We offer 24/7 best refrigerator service in Patna to our customers. You can consider SathiClap as your most preferred partner whenever you are stuck in such a situation. With future-proof technologies, we offer state-of-the-art solutions in a cost effective manner.


Refrigerator details


1 Hr

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2 Hr


On Inspection

What included in Refrigerator?

  • Diagnose of Appliance

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