Washing Machine - WM Toploaded-Repair Repair Service of Top loaded Washing Machine

On Inspection

About WM Toploaded-Repair

Washing machine is an essential home appliance and keeps our clothes clean and tidy without the extra effort. If your washing machine is not working, it will put all your laundry activities to a halt.

If Service is not availed after Inspection then Rs 299 will be charged as visiting fee.

Maximum Labour Charge : Rs 499
Description   service charge


Repair On Inspection
Descaling 349
Installation 399
Uninstallation 399

WM Toploaded-Repair details


Same day service

Turnaorund Time

2 hours


On Inspection

What included in WM Toploaded-Repair?

Price will be quotated after inspection

Parts Charge Extra



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