Water Purifier (RO) - RO Installation Water Purifier Installation at your door step.

₹ 299.00

About RO Installation

RO installation takes just an hour or two and must be carried out following the manufacturer’s guidelines.


  • Prices shown are for labour charges only.
  • Consumables and parts (if used) will be charged extra
  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only
  • SathiClap provides a 30 day warranty on the service provided
  • sathiClap provides a 30 day warranty on Installation/Uninstallation services and 7 days for Servicing
  • SathiCalp will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the technician but not handled due to customer refusal to repair the same




RO Installation details


1 hour

Turnaorund Time

3 hour



What included in RO Installation?



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