LCD LED Service - Installation Service -42" LCD LED Installation Up to 42 Inches

₹ 249.00

About Installation Service -42"

So you've purchased a new TV (or already have) and want to get it mounted on the wall? Wall mounting saves plenty of space on the floor that would have otherwise been occupied by the TV stand.


Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Assembling of all parts provided by the manufacturer (new unit) or the customer (old unit)
  • Installation at a feasible and appropriate location
  • The prices shown are for labour charges only
  • Consumables and parts (if used) will be charged extra
  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only
  • SathiClap provides a 30-day warranty on the service provided
  • For any repair work is required, a quote will be given before proceeding
  • SathiClap will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the technician but not handled due to customer refusal to repair the same




Installation Service -42" details


30 minutes

Turnaorund Time

2 hour



What included in Installation Service -42"?

  • Fixing the wall mount bracket
  • Hanging the TV on the mount bracket



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